Swaying Grass



“Swaying Grass” (80 x 100 cm, 31.5 x 39 inches) is inspired by my visit to Vordenstein Park in Schoten, Belgium. Walking through the park for the first time in autumn 2022, I was delighted to wander into the Orangerietuin – a beautiful garden with flowers, plants, bees, and a restaurant. The tall grasses that inspired this painting stood out to me for their height and texture.

With “Swaying Grass”, I wanted to capture the juxtaposition between the soft white feathery grass and the sharp and colourful foliage at their base. I was struck by the bright yellows and oranges amongst the greens and couldn’t wait to paint this palette. The curving shapes of the colourful grass are echoed in the swaying direction of the feathery grass. When I saw this scene in the garden, I felt a sense of awe and calm all at once.

This painting comes outfitted with a wire for easy hanging. A Certificate of Authenticity (COA) is included with the purchase of this painting. Free shipping.

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Dimensions 80 × 2 × 100 cm

80 x 100 cm


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