Sunny Birches

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***This painting is sold! A couple of inkjet archival quality print of my original acrylic painting are available on my Etsy shop. Learn more.***

“Sunny Birches” (91 x 76 cm/36 x 30 in.) was a special commission, years in the making. The collector had a clear idea of the subject and colour scheme they wanted, but were searching for that perfect location in the home and thus considering and reconsidering size. Using different pictures in the home as a guideline, they settled on a sunny room in the entrance on the home. A large blank wall meant there were few limitations in terms of size.

The guideline for this piece was: birches and lots of sun! When I work on commissions, I ask many questions at the start of the process including if there is a certain mood, feeling, or emotion the collector wants to see in the work. In this case, my keywords to focus on were: hope, light, and happiness. I painted the sunlight shimmering through the birch trees with white, yellows, and greens. In contrast to this dancing light are the strong pillars of the birch trees, rendered in their typical crisp black and white. The pathway through the forest floor leads the eye toward the sunlight. Accents, including small yellow flowers of touches of light purples, greys, and browns, lend texture to the forest floor.


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Dimensions 91 × 2 × 76 cm

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  1. Judy

    Sunny Birches! Laura’s latest painting looks so fresh and lovely in our living room. Seeing it every morning as I come down the stairs, brings such joy and a smile to my face. I can just feel the warmth of the sun shining through the trees!

    This being a commissioned work, I had the pleasure and the privilege to watch the entire process unfold – the idea, the initial drawings, the colour choices (I love the whites and the many greens) and the painting itself. It was fascinating to see the work evolve, from a blank canvas to such a beautiful piece of art. I love it more every time I look at it!

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