Horizontal Sculptural Trees


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My fascination with twisting tree branches has evolved to a particular focus on low-to-the-ground intertwining tree branches and tree trunks. This painting is the third that focuses on what I am calling “sculptural trees”. The large branches in the foreground sweep the eye from left to right, with one of the main trees touching both sides of the canvas along its length. In this work, I explored combining a softer painterly technique of blending colours impressionistically with a bolder technique of colour blocking, wherein solid colours create hard edges.

“Horizontal Sculptural Trees” (90 x 70 cm/35.4 x 27.5 in.), part of my Forest Series, is outfitted with a thin metal wire held in place with two eyehook screws, making for easy hanging on your wall.  A certificate of authenticity (COA) is included with the purchase of this painting. Free shipping.

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Dimensions 90 × 2 × 70 cm

90 x 70 cm

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