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The Process of Packaging Paintings

Whether I’m in my element or trying something new, I’m very rarely nervous in the studio. While painting, I get into the flow. I’m usually energized and curious, open to experimentation and/or peacefully plugging along. When it comes to shipping my paintings, however, it has taken some practice to get comfortable. Shipping artwork entails various […]

Building Layers Using Acrylic Paints

No matter what I’m painting—whether it’s a forest scene, a seascape, or a portrait—I’m always building layers of paint. Moreover, no matter the style I am working in, from more impressionistic to semi-abstract, layering is the foundation of my painting technique. In what follows, I’ll share my technique of building layers using acrylic paints. In […]

Studio Companion Series: My Go-To Music

Thus far, The Studio Companion Series has focused on the podcasts that inspire me in my studio practice. This week, for the final installment of The Studio Companion Series, I focus on the music that gets me started in the studio, keeps me going through challenges, and helps me over the finish line! We all […]

Studio Companion Series: My Go-To “Self-care” Podcasts

In today’s post, I cover my go-to self-care podcasts! This is the last post in my Studio Companion Series focused on podcasts. If you’ve missed them, be sure to check out my previous posts in this series: My Go-To “Bigger Questions” Podcasts and My Go-To “Everything Art” Podcasts. In these previous posts, I selected my […]

Laura at work in the studio

Studio Companion Series: My Go-To “Bigger Questions” Podcasts

While painting, I usually have a podcast or music on in the background. I’ve noticed that the podcasts I listen to can generally be categorized in the following three ways: Everything Art, Bigger Questions, and Self Care. Last week, I wrote about two of my favourite podcasts in the Everything Art category. This week continues […]

Studio Companion Series: My Go-To “Everything Art” Podcasts

Silence is rare when I’m working in the studio: I like to either have music or a podcast keeping me company. What I choose to play in the background always depends on a variety of factors: my mood, energy level, what I’m working on, the time of day, the weather, and probably other factors of […]

A Visit to Nino Mier Gallery Brussels

Excitement built as we rounded the corner at the Sablon, the gallery district of Brussels, and walked along Rue Ernest Allard. The afternoon excursion marked the first time my husband and I had been out in the city center with the purpose of visiting art for a long while. Masked, and with plenty of hand […]

Side Landscape Painting Now - Book on contemporary landscape painting, including the work of David Hockney, Alex Katz

Discovering Contemporary Landscape Painting

It’s always exciting to receive a package in the mail, especially these days when a food delivery, care package, or new pair of sweatpants interrupts the regular stay-at-home routine! I was especially counting down the days last week, awaiting the arrival of this much anticipated book: Landscape Painting Now: From Pop Abstraction to New Romanticism.

On the Beginnings of My Love for Painting

As I remember it, my love for painting had two beginnings: one rooted in practice, the other in history. When I was a kid, I used to visit my grandparents’ house and paint with my Opa. He enjoyed painting and drawing and, in keeping with his profession as draftsman and metallurgy teacher, Opa was keen […]


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