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Painter On The Road: My Temporary Studios!

This summer, I was able to have a long visit—six weeks!—with my family and friends in Canada. The reunion was fantastic especially given the length of time between this visit and our last (pre-pandemic). Because of the length of this stay, I tried to balance visiting and traveling with a little working. My parents generously […]

Trusting Your Eye: Lessons from Drawing Class

The other day, I was making a quick sketch of the maple tree outside of my window. Recently I’ve been sketching more. With pencil crayons in hand, I was getting the impression of this large tree down on paper. “Draw what you see, not what you know”, was the foundational lesson I learned in drawing […]

Sketching For Sketching’s Sake

I’ve always preferred paint to pencil. With paint, I feel that I have more freedom. I can put down my wash—a first indication of the image to emerge—with little commitment. By building layer upon layer, I continue to make decisions throughout the entire painting process. In contrast, the fine tip of the pencil can feel […]

The Process of Packaging Paintings

Whether I’m in my element or trying something new, I’m very rarely nervous in the studio. While painting, I get into the flow. I’m usually energized and curious, open to experimentation and/or peacefully plugging along. When it comes to shipping my paintings, however, it has taken some practice to get comfortable. Shipping artwork entails various […]

Building Layers Using Acrylic Paints

No matter what I’m painting—whether it’s a forest scene, a seascape, or a portrait—I’m always building layers of paint. Moreover, no matter the style I am working in, from more impressionistic to semi-abstract, layering is the foundation of my painting technique. In what follows, I’ll share my technique of building layers using acrylic paints. In […]

Studio Companion Series: My Go-To Music

Thus far, The Studio Companion Series has focused on the podcasts that inspire me in my studio practice. This week, for the final installment of The Studio Companion Series, I focus on the music that gets me started in the studio, keeps me going through challenges, and helps me over the finish line! We all […]


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