Welcome to Laura K. Smith Paintings! This website is dedicated to my painting practice and it serves a few different purposes:

First, it is my online portfolio—a place to share my paintings. I work in series and collections. Since 2020, I have been developing my Forest Series, and most recently, since 2021, a collection within the series has taken shape: my Sculptural Trees paintings.

Second, this website functions as the online point of sale for my work. Through my webshop, I sell original acrylic paintings, high-quality poster reproductions of my paintings, and cards. If you have any questions about my products or are interested in learning more about working with me on a commissioned project, don’t hesitate to get in touch (see the Contact Page).

Finally, this website serves as my painting blog (welcome to the first post!) where I write about my painting process and share what inspires me (as you can see from my landscape themes, it is nature and its colours, light, movement, shadow, and form—but also music, art history, literature, and lately: podcasts!). New blogs are posted every second Wednesday.

Thanks for visiting!    

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